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APS Observer

Kathy Rastle, Clare Lally, Matt Davis & Jo Taylor

Top-10 Most Impactful Articles in the APS (2021)

CORDIS EU Research Results 

Kathy Rastle & Ana Ulicheva

Minding your Ps and Qs: How linguistic environment influences literacy

Sputnik Radio, March 2021

Rebecca Crowley

"People Are Sleeping More, But the Quality of this Sleep Seems Much Worse"

The Conversation, March 2021

Dr Jakke Tamminen & Rebecca Crowley

We're Sleeping More in Lockdown, But the Quality is Worse


BBC Radio 4, February 2020

Kathy Rastle

More or Less with Tim Hartford: Reading Age (Listen from 20:00)


Teaching Scotland Magazine, November 2018

Kathy Rastle

The Science of Reading.

Tes Magazine, June 2018

Kathy Rastle

Ceasefire in the Reading Wars.

Association for Psychological Science, June 2018

Kathy Rastle

Beyond the Reading Wars: How the Science of Reading Can Improve Literacy.


Special Educational Needs Magazine, 2017

Kathy Rastle

In Support of Phonics.

Nomanis, December 2017

Kathy Rastle

In Support of Phonics.

Tes Magazine, April 2017

Kathy Rastle

Phonics Leads to Easier, More Accurate, Reading, New Research Finds.

Teacher Development Trust, May 2016

Kathy Rastle

Testing is Key to Long-term Learning.

BBC Radio 4, October 2016

Kathy Rastle

Word of Mouth

Sky 1, May 2016

Kathy Rastle & Jakke Tamminen

Duck Quacks Don't Echo

The Conversation, April 2015

Kathy Rastle & Jakke Tamminen

Learning a Language? Sleep On It and You'll Get the Grammar.

The Telegraph, April 2015

Kathy Rastle & Jakke Tamminen 

Getting Enough Sleep is Key to Exam Success, Research Says.

The Telegraph, May 2009

Matt Davis

Sleep can Improve your Word Power.

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