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Literacy Charities & Organisations

International Aid Organisations

Our findings underpin the World Bank’s 10-year strategy for Ending Learning Poverty (also here). Professor Rastle is an Advisor to the World Bank as they seek to implement evidence-based reading instruction across the developing world. She frequently gives keynotes at major events attracting global agencies including UNESCO and in conferences organised by the Gates Foundation, World Bank, UNICEF and Save the Children (see also here).

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Literacy Charities

Our research has informed understanding in dyslexia charities in the USA, UK, and Australia and has been discussed in parent forms including MomsRising (1 million members). It's informing the work of organisations such as Reading is Fundamental, Collaborative Classroom, and the United Educators for Housing and Literacy interested in improving outcomes for children. Professor Rastle spoke about our work for the Dyslexia-SPELD foundation.

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Educational Leadership

Our research has been cited by major educational leadership organisations including the ASCD, the Thomas B. Fordham Institute (USA; see also here), Thinking Reading (UK), Education Endowment Foundation (UK), AUSPELD (Australia), CLPE (UK), The Literacy Group (USA), English & Media Centre (UK), and Teacher Development Trust (UK), Kappan (USA), AERO (Australia), Little Learners Love Literacy (Australia), Jet Education Services (Africa), eTale Africa, and Whiteboard Advisors (USA). Our work has also informed Deans for Impact, an organisation working alongside 60 teacher training programmes that reach over 10,000 trainee teachers each year.

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